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Modification of high hurdle vehicle into flying wing vehicle

Modification of high hurdle vehicle into flying wing vehicle

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  • Date of issue:2021-03-25 09:56:26
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Gaolan Car Refitting Flying Wing Car

Gaolan car refitting flying wing car

The principle of flying wing vehicle is that the hydraulic system is driven by the power unit through the battery discharge to achieve the lifting effect. The lifting height can exceed the carriage and approach 90 degrees.

The structural framework of the car body is welded by high-strength steel profiles, and the side plates and door plates are special aluminum alloy profiles.

The two wing side plates can be lifted and opened, and can be stacked on the top plate, so that the two sides are completely open, making a larger space convenient for loading and unloading goods. The double back doors can also be opened 270 degrees.

The modified flying wing car is mainly used for the transportation and distribution of auto parts, paper, household appliances, clothing, chemicals, drinks, food and other goods. This car has good sealing performance, suitable for rapid mechanical loading and unloading, high speed, high efficiency, saving time, labor and cost.

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