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Steel coil transport semi trailer for steel plant

Steel coil transport semi trailer for steel plant

  • Classification:Steel plant special purpose vehicle
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  • Date of issue:2021-03-25 10:04:04
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The utility model is a new type of steel coil transport semi-trailer developed by semi-trailer manufacturer, which belongs to the technical field of steel coil transport vehicle, especially a steel coil transport vehicle involving low flat semi-trailer. The technical problem to be solved is to provide a steel coil transport semi-trailer with safety, high efficiency, wide application range and convenient operation. The technical scheme adopted is: a steel coil transport semi-trailer, The utility model comprises a low flat semi-trailer and at least two steel coil stop seats, two parallel guide grooves are arranged on the working surface of the flat self unloading semi-trailer, the groove bottoms of the two guide grooves are plane, and the groove bottoms are provided with a plurality of threaded holes, and the two ends of the steel coil stop seat are provided with a plurality of holes corresponding to the positions of the threaded holes, The steel coil limiting seat is fixed on the guide groove through the matching of the bolt and the threaded hole, and the utility model is applied to the steel coil transportation

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