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How to carry out the maintenance of semi trailer dump truck chassis?

2021-03-08 02:31:40

The maintenance work of semi-trailer dump truck before frost fall can not be underestimated, that is, under the condition of semi-trailer maintenance in winter, we should pay attention to the chassis maintenance of semi-trailer dump truck. Let's take a look with Mingbo semi-trailer manufacturer!

semitrailer manufacturer

In our usual basic maintenance of semi-trailer dump truck, in addition to the disassembly and assembly of some parts on time, some parts must be maintained as much as possible, such as the car brake pad of the bucket, the car brake pad, the pipe of the bucket brake pedal plate, the steering rod ball cage, the shock absorber, and so on. There are also some elastomer parts, such as the bucket tire, the ball cage dust-proof In addition to carrying out maintenance, we also try our best to carry out careful inspection on the chassis parts.

Above that is the chassis of the semi-trailer dump truck. How do we maintain it. For more information about the price of semi-trailer, if you need to know, you can leave a message online anytime and anywhere, or contact us directly by phone!

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